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Cosmeceutical Products

"The consumer marketplace for skin care is a confusing maze of exaggerated claims and promises," says Center director and founder Dr. Andrew J. Scheman. "And, unfortunately, the retail products available to consumers are generally too weak to accomplish their goals."

Today, it is possible to make a significant difference in your appearance through the use of cosmeceutical skin care products. Stronger than cosmetics, but not quite drugs, cosmeceuticals have brought a new era to dermatology. However, just like over-the-counter cosmetics, not all cosmeceuticals live up to their claims.

At the North Shore Center for Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Andrew Scheman and our uniquely trained staff will sort through the myriad claims and provide reliable, up-to-date information on which products work and which fall short. Learning the same information through trial and error can waste hundreds of dollars and your valuable time. The Center also offers our own line of cutting edge anti-aging products and carefully selected products from various other skin care lines. We will help you to design an individualized anti-aging program to meet your skin care needs.

Here are some of the field-proven, leading-edge products available at the Center.


Cosmeceutical products – Our own Product Line

Dr. Scheman’s Signature Orange Blossom Toner

Our 4% niacinamide toner improves the appearance of aging skin through skin barrier repair. The latest concept in anti-aging, skin barrier repair products operate under the principle that a healthy skin barrier looks younger. Niacinamide also helps decrease pore size and skin oiliness. This elegant light spray toner is designed to be used during the daytime under makeup.

Cosmeceutical products


The North Shore Center for Medical Aesthetics offers cosmetically elegant moisturizers to soothe and moisturize dry facial skin.


Anti-aging Products for Fine Lines

TNS Recovery Serum   
Growth factor products contain actual growth factors which stimulate the skin to produce new collagen. Both TNS Recovery Serum and CRS Serum 10 have been shown in published human studies to have excellent efficacy. These products are good choices for most individuals with sensitive skin and can even be used around the eyes. Unlike retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acids, they do not exfoliate and do not have skin lightening effects.


Prescription Strength Avage, Tretinoin
Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and are the gold standard in anti-aging skin care. However, these ingredients are often quite irritating on adult skin and are rarely tolerated on the skin around the eyes. When tolerated, they are still the best available anti-aging products and provide stimulation of new skin collagen, exfoliation and some skin lightening effect. We recommend these drugs be used as "booster" anti-aging products with a pea-sized amount spread very thin around the entire face (except the eye area) once or twice weekly. Prescription strength Avage is the most potent but also the most irritating retinoid available. Our budget generic tretinoin cream contains the active ingredient found in Retin A.



Vitamin C has long been know to be an effective antioxidant and important in the formation of skin collagen, however, studies have shown that the only effective form for use in skin care products is L-ascorbate. This ingredient is notoriously unstable, however, the addition of ferulic acid, a natural plant-derived extract, has been shown to stabilize L-ascorbate without lowering its efficacy and also adds a mild skin lightening effect. This Skinceutical product is a light water-based serum and represents the finest available vitamin C antioxidant skin care product. CE Ferulic also contains vitamin E.


Our Product Line
Anti-aging Products
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